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We understand that water is a precious commodity but it can still cause damage. That is why we have ensured that water damage restoration is one of the core services being offered here at Immediate Flood Rescue 24 Hours in Chandler.

When water floods your place, it starts to damage your property; this includes furniture, electronics and your interior décor. Water can also damage your house, this is because when your property is flooded the buildings will start to absorb water and this will make the structure weak and unstable. Because nobody wants to add disaster upon disaster, you need to get rid of the flood water as soon as possible so as to ensure that your building structure is strong and safe to continue living or doing business in. that is why we have ensured that we are quick to respond to our customers when they contact us.

It doesn’t matter whether you contact us to restore your home or office we will ensure that you are capable of living safely in the house after we are through restoring your property. We have ensured that we have hundreds of employees ready to be deployed to any site that needs to be restored so do not worry about us taking longer to complete any work because we come in and work as a team to ensure that we arrive in time so that we can make sure that you avoid further calamities from happening to your place.

When water floods your place there is also the risk for getting electrocuted. So as to avoid you or your family does not get hurt, contact us and we will ensure that we help you avoid any further damage to your property.

At Immediate Flood Rescue 24 Hours we ensure that our first priority is to ensure that we arrive as soon as you contact us. We will ensure that we do everything to ensure that we reduce any further damage to your property and offer you safety and relief.

We understand that you are under a lot of pressure and stress but our services are tailor made to ensure that you are relaxed and happy when it is all done.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals who will ensure that we reverse the damage done to the property when your property is flooded.

When you contact us we dispatch a team to assess and help you with the situation.  We will ensure that we show up and help you reduce the effects of water damage to your property.

Here are simple steps we take to ensure that you get quality services:


Our first priority to our customers is to access the situation and gauge the damage already done with the flood. We also ensure that we stop the flood so as to ensure that there is no further damage to your property: if water continues to flow it will be difficult to stop your property from further damage.

We ensure that we check the main reason for flooding and fix it right away. So here are some of the reasons for your place to be flooded;

  • Plumbing malfunction.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Malefaction of HVAC systems.
  • Water supply malfunction.
  • Busting water pipes.

Whatever the reason we will ensure that there is no more flooding; our crew will ensure that they give you the best services available and that you are satisfied with our services. The team will inspect your property and find the main cause for flooding and use their expertise to ensure that restoration is quick.

Restoration Process

Our main goal is to ensure that you do not face any risk from the water damage. We will prevent your property from fatal damage and once your belongings are out of harm’s way we will begin restoring your property. We will ensure we do our best to restore your property so that you can continue to enjoy your belongings. However, if by any chance your property is damaged beyond repair we will set them aside and our team will help you discuss the damages with the insurance company.

Once we have salvaged your property we will begin sucking out all the water from your belongings, we have equipped our team with cutting edge equipment so that this is possible.

After completion of the restoration process, we will de-humidify and clean your place so that you can have a pleasant environment so that you do not have to worry about any health concerns.

Note: we understand that you may be stressed out and worried about your property but you should never take any action by yourself if you know you do not have the expertise required to clean and restore the properties. It is always wise to contact a restoration company and let them come and take care of problem. We care about you and we will ensure that you are safe when restoring your property.

Here is a guide which you can follow so that you may be safe when dealing with flooding and water damage:

  • Use gloves and wear shoes made of rubber. This is to avoid any electric current from passing through it.
  • Switch off your electricity
  • Do not handle any electronic devices in your place
  • Try to avoid submerging yourself in water when looking for your property; this is to help you avoid the risk of being electrocuted.

For quick response make sure to call us and we will ensure that we arrive to your place without any delay. You can contact us at, (480) 372-8845.

Please avoid taking matters into your own hands so as to save a few dollars, we are professionals who are trained to handle any water damage situation and have it ready for you in no time.

We are affordable and will ensure that you get professional services without you breaking your bank account.

we will ensure that we arrive to your place without any delay.

You can contact us at

(480) 372-8845