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Direct insurance billing has become necessary as a calamity can strike any time and destroy your property without any warning. It is recommended that you have an insurance cover so as to enable you to get back on track when a calamity hits you. Direct insurance billing is important as it obliges the insurance company to pay in full for the damaged items in your office or home.

Here at Immediate Flood Rescue 24 Hours, we understand some if the gimmicks insurance companies use to avoid paying for the damaged items that is why when you contact us for any help we ensure that we contact the insurance provider and claim for the damaged items.

We work effectively so that you do not have to worry about anything as we will deal with the insurance company and help you get paid in full for your damaged items.

We also ensure that we stay updated when it comes to insurance rules and regulations. We have ensured that we partner with the best insurance company in Chandler so that when it comes to claiming your pay-out.

Our aim is to ensure that you receive the best services from a restoration company; we do not leave your premises until you are satisfied and happy with our services. Unlike any other company we provide our customers with services which enable them to be relaxed and not burdened by any issue.

If you find out that your insurance provider is trying to pull any stunts so as to avoid paying for the damages, make sure to contact us at, (480) 372-8845.  Hiring our direct insurance billing services will help you get paid for the damaged items as we will be there with you each step and finally getting you the required amount for the damaged items.

we will ensure that we arrive to your place without any delay.

You can contact us at

(480) 372-8845