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It doesn’t matter whether your property is a small office or a big corporate headquarters; our professional team has extensive experience handling all kinds of building when it comes to fire, smoke or flood restoration.

We operate in chandler and at your disposal whenever you need us to help you when natural calamities strike and leave you stressed about your property. We ensure that our services are tailor made to fit every customers needs and ensure that when we are done restoring their items they are happy and satisfied.

Why contact us for your commercial restoration services? Well, we have experience with commercial restoration. We have helped major corporations restore their belongings when calamities struck. We guarantee that you will only receive quality services as we have ensured that we employ qualified staff. We also give them extra training so that when we deploy them to your building they are capable of doing everything in their power to ensure that they offer satisfactory services to our clients.

We will make sure that we go through your belongings and let you know which items are able to be replaced and the ones which are destroyed completely, we will let you know on the spot.

We offer competitive prices for our services. you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to charges as we only charge whatever services you have received. We have ensured that when a customer contacts us, they receive quality services and the worth of their money.

Hire us and we will ensure that we restore your property to the required standard. We will take that charred item and rework it to ensure that it returns to how it looked originally.

Here is what we offer to our clients:

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is a necessity when it comes to industries and warehouses, however a simple mistake can ruin a whole company as a fire break out can burn the entire production facility. The fire is also a threat to life, even if a production facility is automated; you still need people to man the machines. Life is a priceless commodity and each company should take measures to ensure that each employee is protected and can work safely. But when a calamity strikes you need to have a reliable partner with you to help you sort out the issue. We are the trusted partners who will help you restore your belongings and also clean up the space to ensure that it is suitable for humans to work in.

Our dedication to our customers is demonstrated by the fact that we ensure that when a customer contacts us we ensure that we dispatch a team to assess the situation and help clean up the mess brought about by the fire.

When we arrive at the site we ensure that we assist in putting out the fire so that there is no risk to anybody near the building. When the fire is out we start by assessing the situation before restoration can begin. We will clean, paint and restore everything you own on site. If any if your belongings cannot be repaired we will transport it to our warehouse and try and restore it.

Water damage restoration

Unlike fire, water does not completely destroy your belongings but it is equally dangerous. It can lead to moulds and fungi to grow on your belongings and this can be a serious health threat. Water can be life threatening and our main goal is to ensure that we help protect the lives and that is why we have ensured that when you first call us we ensure that you are able to use your belongings without any threat to your health.

Whether it is flooding, fire sprinkler damage or burst pipes we are capable of handling the issue and getting you back to operational status as soon as possible. That is why when you call us we ensure that we arrive without any delay and get straight to work. We do not hold back, we ensure that we take care of every minute detail by cleaning your office space and restoring your property.

Because water can damage your electrical appliances, we have technicians able to repair your electrical appliances so that you are able to work.

We have equipped our employees with state of the art equipment to ensure that they are able to remove all the water that has flooded your office space. We will then move to restore your belongings and if by any chance we cannot restore any of your belongings we will inform you about it and help you contact your insurance provider so that they can pay for your damaged items.

Smoke Removal

Smoke is hazardous, and that is why you have to be very careful when it comes to handling smoke or fires. We have equipped our employees with the state of the art equipment so that they can effectively get rid of the smoke in your office.

Smoke usually denotes that there is fire somewhere in your office and this is a cause for alarm. So it is always advisable to install smoke detectors to ensure that whenever there is a sign of fire they can go off and start your fire sprinklers.

We will show up and get rid of the smoke in your office so that you can get back to your business.  You can contact us at, (480) 372-8845 for more inquiries about smoke removal services.

Sanitation and clean up

When your sewer pipes are damaged, toxic waste will flood your office space and you do not want to conduct business in a smelly environment. That is why we have ensured that we provide our customers with sanitation clean up. We do not want you to get your hands dirty by cleaning up the toxic waste.

Our team will show up and help you get rid of the toxic waste and clean your office space so that you can have a clean place to conduct your business.

Steps to follow when your office catches fire or floods

  • Make sure that you respond immediately by clearing out all your staff from the building. This is important as a life is precious and you do not want any person to die from the fire or flood.
  • The next logical step is to contact the fire department so that they can help you to put out the fire. If it is a big fire make sure that you clear away from the burning building. This is to make sure that you are away from any risk of inhaling the smoke.
  • Because electrical appliances have their power supply running through the walls, make sure that yo stay away from the water, this is to ensure that you do not get electronic.

If you follow the steps above you are sure to get out of the calamity without getting harmed. Make sure to contact a restoration company to help you get your property back to how they looked originally.

You can contact us at, (480) 372-8845. We will respond to your call and deploy a team to help you clean up the mess brought about by the calamity.

we will ensure that we arrive to your place without any delay.

You can contact us at

(480) 372-8845