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Fire can cause very serious harm to your property, so you need to have a restoration company to help you salvage your property when this happens. That is why here at Immediate Flood Rescue 24 Hour offers you smoke and fire clean up services.

We are the leading smoke and fire clean-up Company in Chandler. Our years of experience have enabled us to offer quality services to our customers and leave them satisfied and happy.  We understand that when a fire breaks out you can lose your property in a short time. But there is no need to worry as we have ensured that we are always a call away, when you contact us we will ensure that we deploy without delay and get to your property so that we can get you and your belongings out of any danger.

We have employed trained staffs who are able to extinguish fires and help you salvage your properties. We have equipped our employees with all the tools they need so as to help you avoid losing your property in a fire.

Our team will ensure that we contain the fire and help you start restoring your property.  We will ensure that we give you quality services, below are the steps we follow so as to ensure that you and your property is safe and away from any danger.

Get you and your property away from the danger. We believe that life is precious so we take no chances when you first contact us. We ensure that we take extra measures to ensure that we reduce the chances of losing a life before we start to recover and restore your property. That is why we ensure that we extinguish the fire and contact your insurance company so that they can pay for the insured items in your property.

Because we understand the processes and tricks some insurance companies use to avoid paying for items that have been burnt, we help you get what is owed to you. we understand that you are stressed that is why we ensure that we take care of everything while you relax.

So whenever your property is gutted down by a fire there is no need to worry as we have ensured that we are your friendly company you can rely on to get the services you require. We ensure that we take care of everything for you so that you can get back to your life before the fire burnt down your property. Below are some of the services we offer to our customers when they contacts us for smoke and fire clean up.

Smoke removal

When a fire breaks out the biggest challenge that people face is the smoke that is emitted from the fire burning the property. Due to the carbon dioxide content it is the biggest killer when a fire breaks out. It also impacts negatively on the environment making it difficult to continue with your daily activities.

We know how being surrounded by smoke feels, that is why our team is well equipped to handle smoke and eliminate it completely.

Our team is well trained to handle any such incidences so that they can sanitize the environment so that you can return to your normal life. It is recommended that you prevent fire and smoke damage to your property by installing smoke detectors. This will ensure that fire cannot destroy your property. Whenever there is smoke the smoke detectors sound an alarm or activate the sprinklers so as to prevent any fire from destroying your property.

So if there is smoke or a fire in your house, it is best that you have a professional to help you remove the smoke in the house. It is unwise to try and remove the smoke by yourself as you may end up hurting your lungs and general health.

Fire clean up

We understand the dangers a fire presents a huge problem that is why we offer our customers fire clean up services. We have ensured that after a fire has destroyed your property you can clean up and have your house sanitized so that it is safe for you and your family.

Our crew will show up at your property and clean your property using cutting edge equipment so that you are able to get back to your life. We have ensured that whenever a customer contacts are we deploy our staff promptly so as to ensure that you do not have to worry about touching all the dangerous stuff in the house.

If you have any questions regarding our fire clean up services make sure to contact us at, (480) 372-8845

Fire sprinkler clean up

We know that many people neglect their fire sprinkler systems and this always puts them in dangerous situations. Fire sprinkler clean-up is required if you need to protect yourself and property from fires.

When a fire sprinkler system is left neglected for long periods of time, the pipes may get clogged or rust may accumulate on the pipes. That is why it is recommended that you have your fire sprinkler systems inspected and maintained regularly so that you do not put your belongings in harm’s way.

At Immediate Flood Rescue 24 Hours is your best chance to have your sprinkler system checked and repaired. We have years of experience inspecting and maintaining fire sprinklers. You can contact us at, (480) 372-8845 and we will be sure to help you get your fire sprinklers working perfectly.

Fire damage restoration

When our team responds to your call, we ensure that the first think about your property. Our priority is to extinguish the fire and save your property. We will then move on to restoring your property by removing all traces of smoke and fire.

By vacuuming, cleaning, painting and cleaning the burnt up areas we ensure that you are capable of using your belongings. We ensure that we restore your property to how it originally looked.

Our team will try their best to fix every item in your property but if it is not possible we will transfer the items to our warehouse and be thorough by whatever means possible. If your property is damaged beyond repair we will tell you beforehand and if your property is insured we will get in contact with your insurance provider and claim your pay for the items destroyed by the fire.

We guarantee professionalism by employing experts and taking them through further training so that they can handle restoration jobs without any difficulty. When we are done restoring your property you will not be able to tell that they had been in a fire.

To make sure that you are not in danger it is advisable that you following steps in case a fire breaks out.

  • Make sure to get everyone in the house is out of the house when a fire breaks out.
  • Exit the area and assemble everyone at a central point so as to know who is missing
  • Stay away from the area and contact your fire department and your restoration company for assistance.
  • Crawl as low as possible as the smoke can overwhelm you, the air near the ground is cleaner.
  • If your clothes catch fire, roll around on the ground to smother the flames and put out the fire.
  • Ensure that you follow the fire department instructions so as to stay safe.

By following the following steps you will be able to save your families and friends lives. Our team will show up and help you restore your property to how it was originally.

You can reach us at, (480) 372-8845 for any further clarification about smoke and fire clean up.

we will ensure that we arrive to your place without any delay.

You can contact us at

(480) 372-8845